Tomaz Vital

                  I was born in Brasilia, Brazil's capital in 20 may 1986. I started my studies on the classical piano at the age of 10. By the age of 14 I joined the rock band Dark Avenger. By this time I become interested in movie composers and video game composers. Then I attended in workshops of movie music in the summer Festival in Brasilia Music School with the professor Eugenio Mattos. In those courses we had the opportunity to be close in the world of film music. In 2006 I started the composition course in Unicamp - University of Campinas. The music course I did was focused in modern music. There I had contact with the great modern concert composers such as: Stravinsky, Ligeti, Xenakis, Boulez. I had classes of Cinema Music with Ney Carrasco in Unicamp. In those classes we had the opportunity to study the historical process of the development of the history from movie music. Since Korngold, Max Steiner, Bernard Hermann to John Williams, Thomas Newman and Micchael Giacchino. Apart from the classes I developed several Works with theatre and movie inside the university. I created a project to study Orchestration and composition from movie music. With this project I had the opportunity to do concerts with the University Orchestra and Campinas Orchestra. I have prepared several famous scores by ear transcription. This process taught me some techniques of how to orchestrate and compose for film. In my projects I received orientation from Professor Ney Carrasco. In Unicamp I attended the master classes from two Professor from Conservatory of Paris. They went to Unicamp on a project between the University and Paris Conservatory. We had class of analysis with Professor Ledoux and improvisation with Alexandros Markeas. My principal influences are among the classical composers and film composers such as: Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Stravinsky, Ligeti, John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Thomas Newman, Joe Hisaishi and many others. Today I'm developing studies with piano improvisation, film music composition and concert composition. I keep my studies with film music as well with Orchestration from the concert composers. I want to make my way in both concert music and cinema music.



Educational History:

1998 - Piano Lessons with Professor Maria Emilia Osorio

2004 - Counterpoint lesson with Professor Marden Maluf ( Translator from German to Portuguese from THE HARMONY book by A. Schoemberg ).

2006 - Piano lessons with Professor Andre Tribuzy

2005 and 2006 - Workshop in the summer music festival in Brasilia Music School with

2006 - Started Composition in Unicamp - University of Campinas.

2013 - Graduated from Unicamp's music course





University Works: 2006 - Original Score for the short movie QUASE, Oriented by Ney Carrasco

2007 - Original Score for the Pop Corn Men, Oriented by Ney Carrasco

2008 - Original Score for the Theater Play The Serpent

2009 - Original Score for the Theater Play Letter to Fatter from Kafka's book.

2010 - Movie music project - TRILHEIROS - to study Orchestration and composition ( Played by Unicamp Orchestra and Campinas Orchestra. )

2011 - Original Score for "Night Circus".

2012 - Original Composition MUSASHI Premier.

2013 - In Sight - Time Lapse Project - Original Composition.